Jennifer Galvin

Jennifer Galvin | Visual Arts

Educational Background/Training

BS in Art, Graphic Design Emphasis
Continuing Education/Professional Development: Printmaking, Papermaking, Bookbinding

About the Artist/Ensemble

Stafford based artist Jennifer Galvin is an experienced teaching artist with all age levels, from kindergarten through adult populations. Jennifer Galvin has 25+ years of experience in art instruction and art-related activities. She has been providing Senior Art Education in the Fredericksburg area for over 4 years. Jennifer has taught art at the elementary and high school level in printmaking, papermaking, and painting. She has also taught children and adults in community settings. Currently, Jennifer creates pulp paintings using recycled t-shirts, jeans, and plant fiber to make her paintings. Jennifer’s art is done using almost all recycled materials, so would also be a great addition to a recycling/Earth Day unit. In addition to working with papermaking, Jennifer is skilled in mixed media art, painting, printmaking, and poetry. She enjoys collaborating with teachers to integrate art into the curriculum to give students another dimension to their learning through art. Jennifer also enjoys teaching classes that are community art projects where adults and children work together to create a community art project.

Educational Program Description

Each of these workshops can be modified for the age/audience. Additional workshops that are specifically modified for your students are also available. Curriculum development can also be custom fit to dovetail in with classroom curriculum, so that there is content specific programming. Art workshops can also be tailored so that the finished art will tie in with what the students are learning in other areas. Please email or call if you have any questions about programming.

Beginning Papermaking – Participants will learn a little about the history of paper and then use recycled material to make their own paper. This class is an introduction to making handmade paper. Students will learn the basic skills of how to make handmade paper from recycled materials. Participants will make paper using a mold and deckle and dry paper by the restraint method. We’ll make paper pulp in blenders and pull several sheets. (1 1/2 hours/class)

Advanced Papermaking – In this advanced papermaking class, students will learn techniques to make their handmade paper even more impressive. Students will make paper using a mold and deckle and dry by the restraint method on plexi-glass. Students will learn how to embellish their handmade paper. We will experiment with several techniques for embellishing handmade paper, both in the vat and after you have formed a sheet of paper. We’ll talk about how to add color to your paper. We’ll experiment with adding flowers, lamination, and stencils. (2 hours/class)

Papermaking: Plantable Paper – Learn how to make paper you can plant. Students will use recycled fiber to make several pieces of plantable paper in fun shapes such as hearts, circles, etc. (1 hour/class)

Printmaking – Learn how a print is made, make a printing plate (with a Styrofoam plate and a pencil), ink them up and make a print. This can be done in conjunction with papermaking, so each participant is printing on their own paper if it is done as a multi-week class. Or, as a stand-alone class printing on regular paper. Another printmaking class that can be offered is to print the front of a journal, or to print a class or school wide community project on large paper. (2 hours/class for printmaking projects, (2 additional hours/class for papermaking if desired)

Book Making From Start to Finish – Make paper to start, work on story, poetry, and lino-cuts to fill the books and then finally bind the books. This is a multi-week project. (12 hours/class)

Community Pulp-Painting – Participants “paint” a large screen with pulp. Pulp painting is done on a large screen and each student adds some of the pulp. Can be done in conjunction with a papermaking lesson for multiple classes or as a stand-alone lesson. The community painting can be the name of the organization on an abstract background or something that the students or staff agree on beforehand. (2-3 hours/class)

Paint like the Masters – Monet, Kandinsky, Seurat, Van Gogh…This class is a multi-week class which focuses on participants learning about color and painting through learning about a master painter each week of the class and then painting a picture in the style of that master. The first class offered is a class where each student makes a color wheel, then we start working on learning how to paint like the masters while learning all about the world of painting and how it works—things like horizon lines, foreground, background,


  • All Ages
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