Geoff Marsh

Geoff Marsh | Juggling | Puppetry | Magic

About the Artist/Ensemble

Geoff Marsh has been performing all over the world for the last 15 years with his unique circus stunts and zany marionette puppets at schools, family festivals, and Renaissance fairs. In addition to his yearly shows, Geoff volunteers with “Clowns Without Borders”, a non-profit organization that offers laughter in hospitals, refugee camps, crisis areas, disaster zones, migrant camps, neighborhoods, and schools of extreme poverty.

Concert/Performance Description

Show highlights include:

  • Family-friendly entertainment that can be adapted to any theme
  • Unique equilibrium stunts with mouth sticks, balls, and cylinders
  • 1 to 5 comedic acrobatic hat juggling routine
  • Close up card, coin, and rope magic
  • Musical plate spinning drum solo act

For the finale, Geoff’s signature stunt of balancing a broom, upon the bristles, balanced between a chair, and on top a spinning 17-gallon washtub making it one of the largest gyroscopes ever balanced upon ones face 25ft in the air.

Geoff’s act also includes walk-around performances between stage shows with his marionette puppets that interact and engage guests. There is a lifelike dog Marionette that loves to play with kids and a skeleton marionette that performs comedy, standup, impersonations, and various dances from around the world and finales by puppeteering the kids without any strings.

Technical Requirements

10×10 or larger performance space, higher ceilings preferred but can adapt to any venue, Geoff can bring his own sound system and no additional operator is required

Educational Programs

Entrepreneurship through the Arts: Geoff discusses the limitless capabilities we have within all of us to achieve and overcome any challenge. Students learn that they are not alone and that nothing is impossible. Through constant encouragement with focused and consistent support, no student, no matter what skill level, is left behind. Exercises include team-building skills, improv comedy, basic clown technique, juggling, plate spinning, and balance skills.

Circus Skills Workshop: Don’t just watch the circus, be a part of it! Designed for children and adults, the Circus Skills workshop teaches juggling, plate spinning, clowning, Improv, team-based circus games, and much more. These workshops leave all attendees with a renewed sense of self-confidence, and lasting enthusiasm for the circus arts. Props are provided with the workshops, with an option to purchase at wholesale rates.


  • All Ages
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