Established in 1968, the VCA is the state agency dedicated to investing in the arts of Virginia. Through allocations made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts and the General Assembly, the VCA utilizes investments to empower arts leaders, arts educators, and arts practitioners. In doing so, we create a virtuous cycle of those who not just participate in and appreciate the arts, as stated in our enabling legislation, but those who serve as change agents and advance the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Mission Statement

To invest in the arts in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Enabling Legislation

The Commission for the Arts shall perform among others the following duties: Stimulate and encourage throughout the State public interest and participation in the arts and make recommendations concerning appropriate methods to encourage participation in and appreciation of the arts to meet the legitimate needs and aspirations of persons in all parts of the State. VCA Enabling Legislation 1968 (Chapter 9.1.9-84.03).

The Virginia Commission for the Arts is accessible to all patrons. Guests with accessibility questions or who require additional assistance may call 804.225.3132 or email Casey Polczynski, Ph.D., Deputy Director & Accessibility Coordinator, casey.polczynski@vca.virginia.gov.

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