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Host of Sparrows Aerial Circus | Aerial & Circus Arts | NEW

About the Artist/Ensemble

Host of Sparrows Aerial Circus is Virginia’s first professional contemporary circus company. Their mission to provide everyone the opportunity to experience, learn and perform the challenging, empowering and creative arts of circus in a safe and inclusive environment. This mission is achieved through community classes, performances, and touring shows, and in partnerships and collaborations with nonprofits to reach diverse audiences.

Concert/Performance Description

As a new touring artist to the Virginia Commission of the Arts roster, we proudly offer our show, “Metamorphosis”. Originally performed for Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden in 2019, this piece was created to celebrate the life cycle of the Morpho butterfly, in conjunction with their annual Pollinator Festival and “Butterflies Live” exhibit. Working with the garden’s arborist, we created a beautifully choreographed show of aerial silks artists suspended from a mighty oak tree, 32 feet in the air. This 45-minute performance can be performed from a tree, a theater grid, secure building structure, or on our free-standing aerial rig. Our professional rig can be erected indoors or outside up to 24′. “Metamorphosis” celebrates the beauty in the life cycle of the butterfly.  Each performer creatively interprets the journey of the caterpillar emerging from the egg, to cocoon, and then a magnificent transformation into a beautiful butterfly. Performers can also participate in a talk-back session on a variety of topics including the creative process of the show, aerial fabrics as an art form, or the evolution of circus arts from the vintage traveling tent circus to modern day contemporary circus arts.

Technical Requirements

Indoors: sound system for music or PA for live music
Outdoors: PA for live music (We have a Bluetooth speaker for canned music)

Trees, structures, and theater grids require a safety inspection by the arborist and/or rigger. Additionally, we offer a free-standing rigging system up to 24′  if needed. Eye-level access to the ceiling or grid to be provided by the venue via lift, catwalk, or ladder.

Educational Programs

Educational hands-on workshops available in  aerial silks, aerial lyra hoop, and juggling. Fees vary by number of participants, length of workshops, and rigging needs. Aerial classes require adequate space supplied by the presenter, with a minimum of 12′ ceiling height for aerial work. Steel beams or professionally installed points are needed specifically for aerial work. We supply aerial apparatus with rigging equipment, and mandatory safety mats at the cost of shipping to and from our studio.


Metamorphosis (45 Minute Show): $2,200.00

  • Talk-back session with cast after the event for 30 minutes for $200.00.
  • For additional shows on the same day, fee is $125.00 for each performer per show (Limit 3 shows per day with minimum 1 hour break in between.)
  • Live Acoustic Musicians can be hired $200.00-$400.00 per event fee based on availability. We utilize pre-recorded music choices, without an extra fee, but our performers can also move to provided canned music or live musicians provided by the Presenter with advanced arrangements

Travel and accommodation expenses to be determined by service and location.

Additional Insurance Options:

  • Host of Sparrows Aerial Circus is Licensed and Fully Insured by Prime Insurance Company. Presenters can request to be “Additionally Insured” under our umbrella for “at height” performance work for the event. An additional fee of $100.00 will be added for the additional insurance and certificate.


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