Kim & Jimbo Cary

Kim & Jimbo Cary | Global | Folk

About the Artist/Ensemble

Kim & Jimbo have performed throughout Virginia for over 20 years. Nominated for a Governor’s Award for the Arts, the Carys have entertained at the White House and the Kennedy Center.

Concert/Performance Description

Celebrating the vibrant rhythms of world folk music, Kim & Jimbo play Irish jigs, East European klezmer freilachs and Virginia hoedowns. They share historical information about their instruments, including the gourd banjo, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic bass, saxophone, drums from Mali, and the balafon, an African xylophone.

Educational Programs

Rhythms ‘Round the World is a musical tribute to the European and African traditions that form Virginia’s cultural foundation. Rhythms ‘Round Virginia is a musical tour of the Commonwealth. Participants join the artists as they travel up the James River from Jamestown playing Colonial era fiddle tunes, 19th century banjo breakdowns, and songs of the railroad and the Civil War. Both programs include an interactive rhythm jam with over 200 world percussion instruments.


  • Concert: $850
  • School Performance: $650
  • Rhythms Round the World: $650
  • Rhythms Round Virginia: $650
  • Residency: $600–$1,000 per day

Fees do not include travel or accommodation expenses. Discounts are available for multiple performances and block-bookings.


  • All Ages
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