LaShaunda Craddock

LaShaunda Craddock | Theater, African dance, Storytelling and Creative Movement

Educational Background/Training

  • Virginia Commonwealth University, December 2009, Graduate Degree for Teaching Certification,
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, December 2014, Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, December 2022, Ph.D., Curriculum, Culture, Change Curriculum Development


  • Wolf Trap Richmond/Wolf Trap National ongoing professional development classes
  • Mmere Dane Dance Conference October 2021
  • Orisa Praxis Courses @ University October 2019- July 2021
  • 5 The Hard Way Dance Conference December 2019
  • Culture Studies Tour in Nigeria, West Africa July 2019
  • Dance In Africa Conference Senegal , West Africa July 2017
  • Timbuk Fitness Certification, March 2014
  • Kankouran Conference, August 2014
  • Suah African Dance Workshop, July 2014
  • Coyoba Master Dance Class Workshop, March 2014
  • Manga African Dance Work, July 2013
  • Afriky Lolo Dance Workshops, August 2011 to August 2013
  • Dance Africa, D.C. conference,  August 2002 to August 2011
  • Ezibu Muntu African Dance Company,  January 1998 to December 2011
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Dance Department, September 1996 to May 2000

About the Artist/Ensemble

LaShaunda Craddock (Mama Kemi) has been a lover of dance, theater, and the cultural arts since early elementary school. Although her dance background instruction includes ballet, tap, and modern dance, her passion has always been deeply rooted in African dance, culture, and tradition. LaShaunda began her African dance studies, in the early 1980s with Larocque Bey School of dance in Harlem, New York. After moving to Virginia, she later became one of the principal dancers of Ezibu Muntu African Dance and Cultural Foundation. In 2005, LaShaunda began integrating her love of the culture with her passion for teaching by developing interdisciplinary curriculum based on arts, history, and culture. Since then, LaShaunda has led numerous workshops in various schools and community centers throughout the state of Virginia. In addition to being on the artist roster, LaShaunda is a current teaching artist with Richmond Performance Alliance and Wolf Trap Institute. She is also an educational consultant with various homeschool and private organizations throughout Richmond and surrounding areas.

Educational Program Description

LaShaunda’s approach to teaching any subject is that nothing exists on its own. Everything functions in relation to something else. Cultural Arts is English, Math, Science, Biology, and History. All art forms are a function communication. It is life. Her program sessions are designed to be interdisciplinary so that the students are able to see how movement, rhythm, and voice are connected to everything. Nothing, whether its art, academic or life exists on its own. Through dance, song, music and spoken word, students will have a chance to explore the worlds that exist within as well as outside of themselves.


  • All Ages
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