Latin Ballet of Virginia

Latin Ballet of Virginia | Hispanic Folklore Dance Theatre

About the Artist/Ensemble

Founded in 1997 under the direction of Ana Ines King, a native of Colombia, S.A. It is dedicated to creating and strengthening connections to Hispanic/Latino American cultures through innovative and immersive dance-inspired education and performances.  

The Latin Ballet of Virginia is guided by its mission to “enrich and connect communities through cultural Latin dance experiences with a commitment to education, diversity, and accessibility.” The company fulfills this mission by increasing access to the arts for low-income families; providing culturally diverse performances and classes; helping prepare at-risk Hispanic and minority children for success; and touring our professional performances and educational programs internationally, nationally, and locally.  

Concert/Performance Description

  • Alma Latina (Latin Soul): Roots/traditions of Hispano American culture.  
  • Legend of the Poinsettia: Hispanic Holiday traditions.  
  • El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead): Mexican celebration of Life!  
  • NuYoRican: Puerto Ricans life and history. 
  • Fiesta del SOL: Culture and traditions of the Caribbean. 
  • POEMAS: Poetry in motion.  
  • Pasión de POE: Life and poetry of Edgar Allan Poe. 

All programs are adapted to the age, needs, and level of the student group. For more repertoire information and work samples visit:

Video Samples:


Technical Requirements

Negotiable for all services; a permanent stage no smaller than 30′ x 24′ is required for repertory performances; contact the ensemble for more information. 

Educational Programs

  • Spanish through Dance, Hispanic language/culture
  • Dance as Therapy, special-needs children
  • ESL through Dance, assimilating international children/families
  • EveryBody Reads! literacy program. All programs meet SOL standards.
All programs are adapted to the age, needs, and level of the student group. For more information on our Educational Programs, Please see our webpage:


  • Dance Theater Productions – Repertory Performance – $4,500 – $10,000

(Depending on production version and quantity of performers)

  • Lecture Demonstration: From $1,500 – $3,000

(Depending on the quantity of artists involved)

  • School wide performance by the students: $1,500
  • School wide performance by the students/Lecture demonstration: $2,000
  • Workshop: From $120-$200

(Depending on the number of students and instructors involved)

  • Residency: From $4,000 ($400 per day)

$6,000 ($400 per day and Lecture Demonstration included)

Fees are negotiable depending upon the size and scope of the service, the number of artists, live-recorded music, students and instructors involved and the needs and budget of the presenter. Fees do not include accommodation expenses.


  • All Ages
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