P. Muzi Branch

P. Muzi Branch | Mural Painting

Educational Background/Training

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (BFA -1980) Virginia Commonwealth University

Master of Art Education Degree (MAE -1986)  Virginia Commonwealth University

About the Artist/Ensemble

Philip Muzi Branch, a Native of Richmond, Virginia, received both his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and his Master of Art Education degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. His award winning paintings have been exhibited at The Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia, PANAFEST, Ghana, West Africa, The Banneker Douglass Museum, Annapolis, Maryland and The Daura Gallery.  His work is included in the collections of SunTrust Bank, Richmond Community Hospital, Lynchburg College and First Market Bank.

While participating in the Virginia Commission for the Arts “Artists in Education” Program, Branch completed over 20 mural-painting residencies in public schools.  He has taught at Virginia Union University, Saint Paul’s College and Virginia State University. After 18 years of service, he retired as Director of Arts in Healthcare for the VCU Health System in Richmond in July 2023.

Philip, also known as Muzi, is an accomplished bassist and song writer. He performs with the internationally acclaimed musical group, Plunky and Oneness.

Educational Program Description

Portable Mural Painting Residency

Core group Activity – 8’ X 12’ Portable mural project.

Time: Ten 90-minute sessions (two weeks)

Rationale: Throughout history humans have honored individual and collective accomplishment by creating monuments. All cultures engage in the creation of commemorative art; from Egyptian pyramids to Mount Rushmore. Through the study of history, students can better understand their own society as well as others.

Concept: The purposes investigation and discovery of history are to satisfy humankind’s quest for information and understanding and to preserve and enhance the quality of the human experience.

The artist will lead the core group in an investigation of a historical figure, an important event or a significant era and create a monument to commemorate the subject of the investigation. The students will listen, draw conclusions, and share responses in project-related group learning activities. The subject of the investigation should relate to the local community or to a specific area of the core curriculum.

Process: The site coordinator will choose 10 to 26 students to participate in the core group. The artist and core group will:

1. Investigate the subject of the mural.
2. Develop content for the mural.
3. Plan the aesthetic approach and imagery.
4. Create preliminary drawings for the mural
5. Build a 12’ x 8’ collapsible wall.
6. Paint the mural on the wall.

Goals and Objectives: The core group students will:
1. Understand that ideas have real consequences, and to realize that events are shaped both by ideas and the actions of individuals.
2. Better understanding the relationship between past and present
3. Understand chronological thinking.
4. Synthesize information to create images.
5. Make aesthetic decisions and evaluations.
6. Investigate a historical figure, event or era.
7. Work collaboratively.
8. Learn building techniques using wood and hand tools.
9. Create a 8’ X 12’ portable mural
10. Evaluate and critique the project.
11. The unveiling of the mural and awards ceremony for the students.


Artist’s Fees

Per Diem $250 – $500


  • All Ages
  • College/University Students
  • Adults
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