Raman Kalyan Trio

Raman Kalyan Trio | Traditional Indian Flute | NEW

About the Artist/Ensemble

Breathing magical melodies on the Indian bamboo flute, Flute virtuoso Raman Kalyan is one of the leading flautists in the Carnatic style of music. Raman with his unique style has captivated audiences globally. Raman has released over 80 CDs and many DVDs & his most recent CD, ‘Music for deep Meditation’ reached the #1 spot on the Apple iTunes World Music Charts & remained in the Top 50 albums for more than 6 months. Raman has also been featured as guest artist in more than 300 commercial recordings & Indian movies. Apart from being a soloist, Raman is a successful composer and has scored music for many audio/video albums, dance dramas, and theatre productions.

Raman won the “Best Flautist Award” from Madras Music Academy twice for his concert during December Music Festival 2009 & 2013. He is a featured artist in the “Miles from India” tour & performs with legends Glen Velez ( Grammy Winner ) Dave Liebman ( Grammy Winner ), Mandolin Shrinivas, Selvaganesh (Remember Shakti), Darryl Jones (Rolling Stones), John Beasley (Finding Nemo,) and has performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, San Francisco Jazz Festival & Miles from India Fest in Paris. Raman has performed with Indian music legends like Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Dr. N. Ramani, Pt Vishwamohan Bhatt ( Grammy Winner ), Ustad Shahid Pervez, Vikku Vinaykram (Grammy Winner ), Pt Anindo Chatterjee, Nikhil Ghosh, A.K Palanivel, and has toured as a special guest with the legendary singer & guinness record holder, K.J Yesudas.  Raman’s accompaniment for Martha Graham’s documentary “ The Flute of Krishna has been appreciated globally and his Meditation music you tube videos have been very popular and more than 300,000 views.

Raman is the founder president of Indo American Academy of Classical Music, an organization dedicated to propagate the Classical music. Raman is also the founder president  the Na-Mama foundation, a nonprofit charity arts organization.

Concert/Performance Description

  1. South Indian Traditional Flute Performance with violin and double headed drum (mridangam)
  2. Music for Deep Meditation: This concert features meditative melodies with soft Tambura (Drone) accompaniment
  3. Jugalbandhi Concerts: Collaboration of North Indian Music with South Indian music: Raman will collaborate with North Indian Sitar, Santur, and Sarangi
  4. World music Concerts: Features Flute with western piano, guitar and drums accompaniments featuring original compositions of Raman Kalyan

Concert running time is approx. 90 mins.

Technical Requirements

  • Shure mics  for Flute & Violin  : Two  numbers .Shure SM 58 Beta or equivalent
  • Drum Mikes for Mridangam ( Two numbers )
  • Audix i5 or any Drum Mike for Treble or SM 57 1
  • Audix D2 or any Drum Mike for Bass or SM 57 1
  • DI Boxes ( For Flute Violin & Drone )

Educational Programs

Raman performs many educational outreach programs for all age groups. Residencies and workshops run between 60 minutes to 2 hours.


Range between $2,000 to $3,500
$1,000 for Meditative Music Concerts

Travel and accommodation fees to be determined by service and location.

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