Roberta Lea

Roberta Lea | "Country-Neo-Pop" | NEW

About the Artist/Ensemble

Known as one of Hampton Road’s best kept secrets, Roberta Lea is gaining national and international momentum. She’s an award-winning songwriter, a member of the Black Opry collective, CMT’s Next Women of Country and a recent inductee to The Recording Academy’s class of 2023.

Concert/Performance Description

Described as “country-new-pop”, Roberta Lea has a song and style for everyone. The Nashville Scene praises Lea’s ability to ‘score hits with her catchy, textured and beautifully sung originals.” Her live performance achieves the difficult task of crossing pop, country and jazz styles seamlessly while keeping the audience captivated with her unique storytelling. 

Technical Requirements

Artist Acoustic Tech Rider:

Full Band Tech Rider:

Educational Programs

Acoustic Performances

Roberta Lea captivates an audience with her catchy original tunes and unique storytelling. She creates a wonderful connection to the listener with her lessons on life, love and legacy woven together with an acoustic performance of her music.

A Sound Mind

A Sound Mind is an innovative and engaging program designed to delve into the profound positive impact that music can have on mental health and well-being. This program aims to showcase the therapeutic potential of music by exploring its multifaceted influence on the human mind, emotions, and overall mental well-being.

Through a series of captivating presentations, interactive workshops, and immersive experiences, A Sound Mind offers participants an opportunity to discover and understand the transformative power of music. Drawing upon a range of research and  insights, this program uncovers the various ways in which music can positively impact mental health, promoting self-expression, emotional regulation, stress reduction, and overall psychological well-being. Roberta will be joined by her husband, Nick Walters, who is a Qualified Mental Health Professional to discuss the correlations between mental health and popular music.

Songwriting Workshops and Residencies

Customized workshops and residencies.


Full Band Performances w/ The Best Kept Secret Band: $2,500

Acoustic Performance/Concert: Lessons in Life, Love and Legacy: $850

A Sound Mind: The Power of Music in Mental Health w/ Nick Walters: $2,000

Lea’s Songwriting Workshop: $450

Residencies: $3,000

Travel and accommodation expenses to be determined by service and location

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