The Jason Cale Band

The Jason Cale Band | Improvisation in Jazz, Funk, Blues, R&B, Fusion & Styles

About the Artist/Ensemble

Jason Cale is originally from the deep south with roots ranging from New Orleans to Mobile, Alabama. While spending 20 years as a professional musician performing all over the world with both the Army and Air Force Bands, he has worked diligently on his craft producing albums and working/collaborating/touring with artists including Grace Potter, Melina Leon, John Popper, Sandra Bernhard, Joe Bonamassa, and many others. After retiring from the military in 2019 and gaining a deeper understanding of music, the music industry, and business, he’s been blessed to find unity with his bandmates (two of whom are also retired military musicians) that are equally as passionate about their musical gifts. Out of this passion is how the Jason Cale Band was formed.  

In addition to producing, performing, and writing music, Jason spends multiple days a week teaching music and guitar to students ranging from ages 6 to 81.  This is a position that Jason honors with great esteem and gratitude. His students can even be found gracing the stages of Jason’s performances from time to time.  

Blending soulful blues rock, New Orleans funk, and jazz fusion elements into a musical gumbo, The Jason Cale Band creates a style all its own. Full of heart and soul, the music is inspired by the fearless musical offerings of the late 60s and early 70s. The band hails from Virginia Beach, Virginia, but has taken the show on the road, touring nationally and internationally, performing at venues of all sizes, and also has conducted masterclasses and workshops at numerous conservatories and schools around the world. 

  • 2017 – Winner of The Colonel Finley R. Hamilton Outstanding Military Musician Award  
  • 2019- Selected to tour as musical ambassador by US Embassy in Slovenia 
  • 2020, 2021- Veer Music Award Winners 
  • 2022- Tidewater Music Award Winner 

Concert/Performance Description

The Jason Cale Band brings a high-energy “one-of-a-kind” show to their audience. They treat their songs like a jazz musician would improvise with a chart, utilizing their highly refined musicality to brew up exciting new elements at any given moment. 

“Having fun with music is the biggest priority for us,” Jason says, “we’ve spent our lives as musicians seeking growth personally, spiritually, and musically and we are blessed to have found each other where the sky has no limits.”  

“We preach hard work and dedication to our craft, but also want others not to forget why they started playing their instrument…and that was to express themselves and have fun,” Jason says.  


Technical Requirements

The artist can supply sound equipment depending on venue size; for an additional fee (and depending on other factors to be discussed), the artist can provide lighting. Otherwise, proper stage lighting and outlets need to be provided by the presenter.

Educational Programs

Everyone in the Jason Cale band has extensively toured both nationally and internationally and has been involved with studio production work for most of their lives. These experiences, coupled with your vision for your organization, will bring fruitful masterclasses and Q&As to life on subjects including:

  • Music Theory
  • Navigating the Music Industry
  • Musical Improvisation
  • Songwriting
  • Music Production
  • Marketing

The band also has more than 55 years of cumulative military experience among them, offering a unique and authentic look into leadership and followership principles, both as a bandmate and as a vital part of a community. These qualities lend themselves to masterclass topics including:

  • How to lead a successful, cohesive group of individuals to achieve your highest goals
  • How to be a good bandmate as a follower and supporting member of your band, group, or community
  • Communication/ Time Management Skills


  • All Ages
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