Ty-Rone Travis

Ty-Rone Travis | Kids Comedian & Ventriloquist | NEW

About the Artist/Ensemble

Uncle Ty-Rone is a multi-talented professional who seamlessly combines the arts of ventriloquism, DJing, puppeteering, and comedy to engage and inspire young minds. With a passion for motivating and educating students, Uncle Ty-Rone’s unique performances are crafted to instill the joy of learning.

Through the enchanting blend of ventriloquism and humor, Uncle Ty-Rone establishes a lively dialogue with students, utilizing his ventriloqpuppets as companions. Uncle-Tyrone’s mission is to help students recognize the inherent joy embedded in the process of learning. Uncle Ty-Rone primary audience is children ranging from pre-K to 6th grade, delivering tailor-made performances for schools, libraries, festivals, fairs, family fun nights, camps, and any setting where families and kids gather to learn, laugh, and have fun!

Concert/Performance Description

One Mic Many Voices Educational show 
Uncle Ty-Rone brings the “One Mic Many Voices” Educational Show, a lively and engaging ventriloquism and puppet performance suitable for all age groups, starting from pre-K and up. Lasting 45 minutes, this fun-filled experience goes beyond entertainment, instilling in children the importance of reading and believing in themselves. The atmosphere is enhanced with kid-friendly music, much of which is personally produced by Uncle Ty-Rone. Encouraging extensive audience participation, the show adapts seamlessly to any venue, regardless of size, with Uncle Ty-Rone dedicated to ensuring the success of your event. Moreover, he welcomes the opportunity to incorporate any educational or life topics upon request, making each performance a tailored and impactful experience.


One Mic Many Voices Educational show: $500.00 – $750.00

Travel and accommodation expenses to be determined by service and location.

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