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About the Artist/Ensemble

Victor Haskins is a boundary-pushing multi-instrumentalist and composer known for his innovative approach to both music and multimedia art. Growing up in a military family exposed him to diverse cultures, fostering a deep appreciation for global influences that permeate his creative endeavors.

All About Jazz refers to Haskins as a “visionary performer, composer, and…an incorrigible explorer.” This is evidenced by his projects, Victor Haskins & Skein and ImproviStory, which have been featured at such varied venues as the Festival of New Trumpet Music (NYC), Richmond Jazz Festival, Christopher Newport University Trumpet Festival, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Sweet Briar College.

As an educator, Haskins has shared his passion for music and creativity through masterclasses, workshops, and teaching positions at renowned institutions such as the Kennedy Center, William & Mary, and the Izmir International Jazz Camp.

Victor has received grant support and commissions for his recording, performing, and multimedia work from such cultural institutions as the Virginia Commission for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, Richmond CultureWorks, and 1708 Gallery.

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Concert/Performance Description

Victor Haskins & SKEIN 

Victor Haskins & Skein stands as a pioneering force in contemporary music, seamlessly blending original electroacoustic compositions with elements of storytelling, philosophy, and African diasporic influences. Each performance serves as a multidimensional tapestry, intricately weaving together emotional depth, intellectual engagement, and textured sonic landscapes, creating an immersive musical journey for the audience.  Brooding basslines give way to soaring cornet melodies amidst turbulent drums and shimmering cymbal crashes…

Victor Haskins’ aesthetic for composition is akin to crafting immersive board games, with each piece offering a unique journey while allowing room for improvisation, interpretation, and discovery by both the performers and the audience. In a typical Victor Haskins & Skein performance, Victor introduces each composition with a true story from his life experiences which inspired the piece, or he delivers an original spoken word musing which contextualizes this new and personal music for the listeners. As a master storyteller, Haskins effectively sets the mood of each performance with his words and voice so the audience may more deeply connect with the humanity of the music.

Victor Haskins & SKEIN images/videos:

Featured Skein Shows:

Rule of 3”
Victor Haskins & Skein performs a new book of music composed by Victor Haskins in 2024 based around a spoken word narrative which encourages the audience to persevere, to be resilient, and to use our imaginations to explore vantage points and perspectives outside of ourselves. Cathartic, moving, and thought-provoking compositions and storytelling connect us all in a memorable musical journey.

Victor Haskins & Skein performs original works from their latest album: “Ikigai”. Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning “reason for living”. Grooves and rhythms from diverse cultures around the world are combined to explore concepts based on self-development and growth. Throughout the event, parables link the meaning of the music. This is more than a concert; this is an experience for the heart and mind.

ImproviStory™ is a one-man-band where multi-instrumentalist/sound artist Victor Haskins improvises immersive, cinematic, story-like soundscapes for the imagination. Audience members have their own personal, internal experience with what kind of story is suggested to them based on their perception of the conjured sound elements. Imagine a live band crossed with a DJ crossed with sounds from a mystical realm…all generated and performed by one person in real time without any pre-recorded elements.

ImproviStory performances include a talkback element with the audience to answer questions, discuss themes, and investigate artistic choices and processes.

ImproviStory images/videos:

Featured ImproviStory Shows:

Audio Only: This is the classic ImproviStory experience

Interactive Visual Experience: In this version of ImproviStory, Victor introduces generative, data-reactive digital art which he has designed with computer programming.  This is an augmented version of the classic experience; the visual elements dynamically “improvise” and react to the soundscapes Victor is creating in real time, thus heightening the immersive ImproviStory experience.

Technical Requirements

Professional sound and lighting are to be provided by the presenter in accordance with Artist’s Technical Rider (contact Victor Haskins directly to discuss specifics of a Tech Rider for your venue and production capacity)

Educational Programs

Speaking of Jazz”
The mission of “Speaking of Jazz” is first and foremost to introduce children to the power and relevance of jazz music. Through performances and contextual explanations, the program seeks to illustrate that “jazz” is less of a musical genre and more of a description of how people communicate with music. Listening, improvisation, and freedom of expression are the main components which make jazz special and vital, though these concepts can be applied to other areas of life, too. Components of the presentation include directed listening, interactive performances (where students sing along with and be a part of the tunes played at certain times), as well as music specifically written to be relatable to young students.

Pictures of various in-school performances:


Victor is also available to provide clinics and residencies at any level of skill—this can be a standalone service, or in conjunction with a performance. More info here:


Please contact Victor Haskins directly to discuss fees for the following presentations
1. Victor Haskins & SKEIN show
2. ImproviStory show
3. “Speaking of Jazz”

Travel and accommodation expenses to be determined by service and location


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