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Aura CuriAtlas | Physical Theatre

About the Artist/Ensemble

Aura CuriAtlas Physical Theatre (AC) is a company of artists dedicated to creating innovative performances that combine dance, theatre, and acrobatics. AC’s joyful, athletic style and reliance on nonverbal storytelling have proven accessible for audiences of all ages, and in post-performance conversations, company members are relaxed and welcoming. AC’s work embodies the qualities reflected in their name – lightness (Aura), curiosity (Curi), and strength (Atlas) – and a playful perspective to find enchantment in ordinary situations presented in unusual ways. By bringing audiences into a world of quirky creativity, Aura CuriAtlas invites them to turn ordinary situations upside-down and look with new eyes to inspire their own open-mindedness and creativity. Reviewers have noted the excitement and originality of Aura CuriAtlas, “Combine strength and humor, a dash of curiosity, a pinch of whimsy, and a generous dose of inventiveness, mix thoroughly and you have Aura CuriAtlas Physical Theatre’s compelling brand of storytelling … DREAM LOGIC is family friendly, but not dumbed down in any way. The central themes are readily accessible and dealt with compassionately and with great humor.” (Pamela Roberts,, March 2016)

Concert/Performance Description

Performances range from 40 to 90 minutes, can include a talk-back session, and are appropriate for all ages.

DREAM LOGIC is a curious collection of magical short stories told through acrobatics, theatre, and dance that invite the audience to accompany each character on a journey.  The stories ask What Happens?  What happens to the crayons that never get picked?  When competitors are bound together?  To the dream when it loses its dreamer?  When the only bus seat left is completely broken?  When a Newton’s cradle gets tangled?

A Life With No Limits is inspired by the work of astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and is created in the company’s signature style blending dance, theatre, and acrobatics.  This story is told wordlessly and reflects on the determination, passion, and sense of humor of someone who is physically constrained with an imagination that is able to roam free.

Technical Requirements

Basic sound and lighting systems; splinter free wood or other smooth, clean surface, minimum 23’ wide (not including wings), 18’ deep, 14’ high performing space.

Educational Programs

Educational programs are tailored to the specific needs of the presenter, including university dance and theatre programs, primary and secondary schools, and community groups.

Workshop/Master Class (1-3 hours): Classes are led by the co-artistic directors and are a reflection of the creative process of Aura CuriAtlas. Classes feature dance and theatre movement techniques, Contact Improvisation, partner acrobatics, and creative collaboration.  Our goal is to
draw out what is unique about each participant and to create opportunities for communication and collaboration with others.

Residency (multi-session or multi-day): Residency activities include performances, audience talk-backs, master classes, open rehearsals, showings with participants, and meet-the-artist conversations as determined by the interests of the presenter.  Our goal is to provide participants with opportunities to invest in their own creative potential by experiencing the creative process used by Aura CuriAtlas.


  • School show/informal performance:  $1,500 - $2,000
  • Weekend/formal performance: $2,500-$3,500
  • Workshop: $300 (90 minutes)
  • Residency:  $3,500-$5,000 (3-5 days)
Travel and accommodation expenses to be determined by service and location. Discounts offered for multiple bookings/residencies.


  • All Ages
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