C. Alexandria-Bernard Thomas

C. Alexandria-Bernard Thomas | Spoken Word, Orator

Educational Background/Training

C. Alexandria-Bernard Thomas became a teaching artist in 2015. They have facilitated several writer’s workshops for several schools and organizations: Carlos Rosario Charter School, Thomas Elementary, Thomson Elementary, CW Harris Elementary, Fairfax High School, Bladensburg High School, Georgetown University, Howard University, Jefferson University, Prince George’s County Community College, DC Scores, Split This Rock, Prince Georges County Public Library, Heard, Northern Virginia Association of Fine Arts (NVAFA), Carlyle House Historic Park, MoonLit, End The Harvest Ministries, Creative Suitland Arts Center, Amy Jacques Garvey Institute, The Wanda Alston Foundation, Whitman-Walker Health, Torpedo Art Factory, Day Eight and many other community organizations.

About the Artist/Ensemble


A Queer Black Non-Binary, award-winning poet, teaching artist, an advocate for Child Abuse Prevention, the Black LGBTQIA community, and Mental Health Awareness.

They have mesmerized audiences at Angelina College, Howard University, Prince George’s Community College, Thomas Jefferson University, Georgetown University, Studio 2001 Art Gallery, The Athenaeum, and the Torpedo Art Factory, just to name a few.

They produce annual events highlighting African American excellence with the Northern Virginia Association of Fine Arts (NVAFA) and leads their discussion-based writer’s workshop, Writing to Wellness™, a discussion-based workshop designed to teach people how to use poetry as a tool for healing when navigating their childhood trauma.

Additionally, they have received honorable mentions from Her Majesty, Queen Silvia and Her Royal Highness Princess Madeleine of Sweden through their global non-profit World Childhood Foundation USA, and they are the first poet to be published in Swerv Magazine.

Witnessing C. performing, teaching, or speaking is experiencing love in action. Non-binary, ladies, and gentlemen, C. Alexandria-Bernard Thomas!

Educational Program Description

Writing to Wellness™:
Writing to Wellness™ is a discussion-based workshop designed to teach people to use poetry as a tool for healing when navigating trauma. Participants learn how to heal through expressive forms of creative writing, how to advocate for others, and how to build a safe space for self-care.

Empowerment Through Spoken Word:
Empowerment Through Spoken Word explores the past and present work from notable spoken word artists who used their poetry as a call to action for change and awakening in their community and reveals other artists who have been inspired by them. Students will discuss artists that inspire them and will share why that artist’s work is important today and how their work is a call to action for change. Writing prompt will follow.


  • All Ages
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