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About the Artist/Ensemble

The Garth Newel Piano Quartet is known for their spirited and impassioned performances that offer an enlivened interpretation of both standard and new repertoire. As artists-in-residence at Garth Newel Music Center, one of the premier and most active chamber music organizations in the United States, they program and perform over 50 concerts each year, engaging with audiences through conversational and interactive programs. An active presence on the national and international stage, the Garth Newel Piano Quartet has performed throughout the United States and on five continents, at such prominent venues as Carnegie Hall, Strathmore Hall, The Chautauqua Institution, and the San Diego Chamber Music Workshop.

The Garth Newel Piano Quartet maintains a strong dedication to education and to nurturing the next generation of chamber musicians. They serve as faculty and directors for the Emerging Artist Fellowship Program, which gives talented college-age musicians an opportunity to study and perform chamber music under the guidance of the Quartet and world-renowned guest musicians, and host an annual Amateur Chamber Music Workshop. Additionally, the Quartet has held guest artist residencies at Universities and schools throughout the world, including University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and West Virginia University.

Concert/Performance Description

Energetically performed classical concerts with a broad repertoire of well-loved works of chamber music as well as those that are new and undiscovered. Programs can be tailored to the audience preference.  Concerts are full length and high caliber. Musical works are introduced to the audience in a conversational manner, with members of the ensemble talking directly to the audience about the music they are about to hear.

Technical Requirements

  • Grand Piano (not electric) tuned on the day of the concert (the piano must be stable and not roll or rock about)
  • Adjustable piano bench 
  • 3 straight back chairs with no arms, free from any squeaking or other distracting noises.  
  • 3 music stands
  • Stage must be at least 13 by 15 feet
  • Stage must be single level, with no obstructions
  • Optional microphone for speaking (at the discretion of the presenter)
  • Adequate on-stage lighting for reading music.  

Educational Programs

The Quartet is able to tailor their outreach activities to the age and musical background of their audience. 

Educational outreach programs tend to last 1 hour and offer a combination of:

  1. The performance of chamber music examples helps to illustrate:
  • the conversational aspects of chamber music through dialogue between the different instruments;
  • how the layering of various musical lines can create a variety of sonic textures;
  • how musical forms and structures can follow a dramatic arc; and
  • how to identify contrasting themes and motives.

      2. Interactive activities involving either a single volunteer or the entire audience address the technical issues of playing in a chamber music group:

  • how to start together without a conductor or counting aloud;
  • how to communicate tempo and rubato;
  • how to convey mood and articulation; and
  • how watching and listening while playing are essential.
  1. The discussion part of the program emphasizes valuable life lessons with respect to working with others, playing on a team, and being a responsible citizen in our society. 


Concerts: $5,000

Master Class: $800-$1,500

Travel and accommodation expenses to be determined by service and location.


  • All Ages
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