Sumona Apsara Parii

Sumona Apsara Parii | Indian Dance | NEW

About the Artist/Ensemble

Sumona Apsara Parii is a passionate, devoted, dedicated International Bharata Natyam (South-Indian Classical Dance), Bollywood and Indian Contemporary Danseuse, Exponent, Choreographer and Teacher, as well Artistic Director of ShivShakti School of Dance in Falls Church, Virginia.  Sumona reaches diverse audiences of all walks of life. Through her dances and teachings, she shares the rich history, culture, traditions, heritage and art of Indian Dance.

Concert/Performance Description

Bharata Natyam is an ancient Indian Classical Dance from Tamil Nadu, India, which is more than 5000 years old.  It entails beautiful sculpture-like poses and postures that have been inspired by yoga, intricate footwork (Nritta), meaningful hand gestures (Mudras), facial expressions (Abhinaya) and storytelling of Hindu mythology. Sumona performs traditional Bharata Natyam dance pieces, as well Bollywood Dances that entail the choreography of a fusion/blending of Bharata Natyam and other Indian Classical Dances, such as a North-Indian Classical Dance (Kathak), as well Indian Contemporary Dance. She not only entertains and educates her rasikas (audiences) about Indian art, culture, traditions and history, but also touches their hearts and souls through her nuanced, yet rich emotional depth and expression of dance. Sumona desires and aims to make Bharata Natyam and Bollywood Dance Performances and Teaching accessible, as well inclusive for all kinds of people from all walks of life.  Whenever she creates Dance Programs, be that as a performing artist and/or as a guru (teacher), she is mindful and heartful of her rasikas (audiences) and shishyas (students) and creates with love, as well flexibility accordingly.

Technical Requirements

  • Sumona performs Bharata Natyam and Bollywood Dance barefoot, which is why it is imperative to have good, safe and (reasonably) spacious dance spaces and/or floors where she can dance:  This includes stages in auditoriums, venues and/or good floors in a given room.
  • Good sound system for music and songs.
  • Good lighting for ample visibility of Sumona’s movements, footwork (Nritta) and facial expressions (Abhinaya) in her dance performances.

Educational Programs

Sumona also offers Bharata Natyam and Bollywood Dance Masterclasses, as well Workshops. They include lectures of the rich, ancient history, culture, traditions and art of Bharata Natyam, of which students receive handbooks, as well.  Sumona teaches students Bharata Natyam and Bollywood Dance movements. Masterclasses or workshops end with Sumona’s (live) dance performances.



Bharata Natyam (South-Indian Classical Dance) and Bollywood Dance performances/concerts/art festivals: $600 for 1 or 2 Bharata Natyam and/or Bollywood Dance performances.

School performances: $450 for 1 or 2 dances

Educational Programs:

Masterclasses/Workshops: $450 per Lecture/Demonstration/Workshop

*All fees are reasonably negotiable and travel and accommodation expenses are to be determined by service and location

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