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About the Artist/Ensemble

Ages 6 and up.
A brilliant poet and soldier, Cyrano de Bergerac apparently has it all—except the confidence to win the heart of his beloved Roxane. Lacking traditional good looks and the ability to truly “fit in”, Cyrano partners with his handsome friend Christian, also in love with Roxane but lacking Cyrano’s way with words. Together, the two make a formidable suitor as Cyrano expresses his true feelings for Roxane in the only we he feels he can—through love letters apparently written by Christian. This commedia-inspired wordless adaptation of Cyrano was nominated for four Helen Hayes awards: Outstanding Play, Outstanding Director, Outstanding Leading Actor, and Outstanding Leading Actress.
Cast size: 6
90 minutes with no intermission

All ages
In a frozen silver world, a lonely man builds a woman from snow. Based on a 19th century folktale and created by Helen Hayes Award-winning choreographer and Synetic Co-Founder Irina Tsikurishvili, Snow Maiden is a story of love, hope, and the transformative power of dreams. With its themes of processing loss and finding joy in the world around you, Snow Maiden addresses the emotional impacts felt by people throughout the pandemic while allowing us to believe in the power of imagination. This beautiful and moving show for all audiences is performed by Vato Tsikurishvili and Maryam Najafzada.
Cast size: 2
30 min or 45 min (School Version and Mainstage Version available)

All ages. Ideal for K-6 and family audiences.
Expressed through movement, masks, pantomime illusions, and dazzling choreography, The Miraculous Magical Balloon tells the story of a traveling actor and his magical trunk full of toys, tricks, and surprises. Perfect for audiences of all ages.
Paata Tsikurishvili first learned this show from his master teacher, Igor Romanov, in Georgia 45 years ago, and he and Irina first performed it in America at the Kennedy Center in 1996. Since then, The Miraculous Magical Balloon has delighted audiences all over the world.
Cast size: 2
30 minutes long

Concert/Performance Description

  • Access to electricity.
  • Private dressing rooms or bathrooms (no student access.)
  • Clear, clean playing space that is a minimum of 15’ x 15’ for Magic Balloon and Snow Maiden and 30’ x 40’ for Cyrano de Bergerac. Please note that Snow Maiden and Cyrano de Bergerac involve acrobatics and also require ceiling height of at least 12’.
  • On-site lighting/ sound technicians if we are in a space with full lights and sound.
  • Cyrano de Bergerac comes with a separate tech rider, available upon request.

Educational Programs

Synetic workshops get students up on their feet and keeps their imaginations engaged. With an emphasis on the Five C’s – Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creative Thinking, and Citizenship our workshops & residencies are perfect for both theater and non-theater classes.


Synetic 101 – What is physical theater? How can we communicate without words? Can you build walls from thin air and climb mountains that aren’t there? Students will use creative thinking and collaboration as they learn all of these skills and more. This workshop is an introduction to the processes and styles that make Synetic accessible and fun!
Synetic Shakespeare – Synetic has achieved international acclaim with its wordless Shakespeare Series and now we share our innovative methods with you! Using Shakespeare’s stories students will examine the themes of classic plays and how it relates to our world. Watch as your students physicalize the stories of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, or Macbeth all while gaining a deeper understanding of the text.
Arts Integration – Looking for a new approach in the classroom? Trying to find a fresh way to engage students? Want to develop a new curriculum based project but you’re out of ideas? Let us do the work for you with our Arts Integration Residency! Arts Integration uses Project-based Learning to engage and challenge students. It is a perfect addition to any STEAM classroom.
Residencies – Residencies are multi-session workshops tailored to your class’s needs. Students explore the signature movement style of Synetic Theater in a versatile theater residency that suits your students’ learning. Synetic offers a unique and cross-cultural type of theater that incorporates dance, body awareness, storytelling, music and mime.
Devised Theatre – All of Synetic’s shows are original creations. This master class or series is designed for college students or professional theatre and dance companies to learn techniques for creating their own work.


Mainstage Shows in residence Cyrano de Bergerac - $25,000 for 2 shows (fee includes travel/ lodging if outside the NOVA metro area) Snow Maiden Mainstage Version (45 minutes) - $750 for one show/ $1250 for 2 shows plus travel/ lodging if outside the NOVA metro area Touring Shows for Schools (K-12) The Miraculous Magical Balloon - $600 for one show/ $1000 for 2 shows plus travel/ lodging if outside the NOVA metro area Snow Maiden School Version (30 minutes) - $750 for one show/ $1250 for 2 shows plus travel/ lodging if outside the NOVA metro area Add-ons include: Single workshops (90 min) - $250 Residencies (3-5 days) - $2,000-$5,000

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