Tammarrah Addison

Tammarrah Addison | Poetess, Spoken Word Artist, Theater Director, Creativity and Drama Coach

Educational Background/Training

  • B.A. Theatre Emphasis Performance San Diego State University (CA)
  • M.Ed. Education Emphasis Teaching Azusa Pacific University (CA)
  • M.A. Theatre Education Regent University (VA)
  • U.S. Navy Veteran


About the Artist/Ensemble

Tammarrah Addison is a Professional Poetess, Theater Director, Certified Facilitator, Creativity Coach and Navy Veteran who has used her talents and skills in classrooms, zoom rooms, workshops and on stages for the public and private sector for over 15 years. As an accomplished poetess she has recorded two spoken word albums which are available on all major online outlets: Unbossed Unapologetic Vol. 1: Superwoman; Unbossed Unapologetic Vol. 2: Temerity. And an upcoming spoken word album to be released in December 2021:”The Poetics of Love, Social Justice and Empowerment”. All albums provide listeners with varied perspectives on love, purpose, life, and choices. As a theater director, she has directed over 20 shows on the East and West Coast as well as in Japan. Therefore many organizations, local politicians and individuals have sought out her expertise to write original poetry for events as well as facilitate creative workshops for their audience base. Ms. Addison’s time spent in the military has also provided her with unique and valuable experiences that enables her to be an expert in leadership, adaptability, teamwork,individuality and coping mechanisms. She is proud to be able to use her background and training to enable and uplift others through the Creative Arts.

Educational Program Description

CreatingMe Method©: Finding my Voice and Place
Uses spoken word, personal experiences, writing strategies and visuals to help participants improve their sense of self-worth, inspiring them to promote change in all aspects of their life.Participants will create original pieces and use the resident poet’s work to facilitate creative thinking.

Public Speaking class: The participant will have one on one instruction on different ways to better utilize their biggest asset, the Voice. Whether you are struggling with stage fright or just need to practice in a safe space, these sessions will be beneficial in improving your oral communication skills and vocal capacities in your private and public life. You will gain a greater appreciation of your asset and be taught applicable strategies on how and when to maximize your voice to its full capacity while growing a healthier self-image.

Acting Class: The participant will actively engage with a group or in private lessons on theatrical concepts. At the end of the sessions, participants will have an uncandid ability in themselves, stage presence, and a sense of urgency to engross in more enlightened activities life has to offer. Participants will use music, improv, dance, and images to learn the craft of acting. This class will help develop commitment, concentration, initiative, and the ability to learn quickly and correctly.

Creativity Workshops: I create tailored workshops for your organization such as “LoveNotes and Pictures and Poetry. Your current situation and past experiences can be a catalyst to help you and your company grow and achieve your goals. Many people who are successful often share stories that were game-changers in their journey. I am excited to help you create and share your stories. These virtual/in-person interactive sessions will provide you with the tools to walk away with an original writing piece or workshop for your desired audience.


  • College/University Students
  • Adults
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